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In today’s world of technology it seems like everything has become white noise. In addition to Hollywood and Television celebrities, politics has become nothing but mudslinging, sports have become soap operas, and technology has become a bias world of fanboyism. We at want to filter out that commotion and bring you only pertinent and current entertainment and gossip news so we separate the relevant from the noise.

How do we do that? By bringing you only the most credible and accurate stories that have been double confirmed from our editorial staff. If it can’t be trusted then it must be busted, so why waste your valuable time with it?

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Boob Tube's Best

Television is hotter now more than ever…and same goes for those in it. Follow all of your favorite television and streaming celebrities as we deliver their stories that rival that of the shows they star in.

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Hooray for Hollywood

Hollywood is known for it’s drama and that’s only what’s off camera. Get all the juiciest dish today rather than feeding on the leftovers tomorrow.

Politics & Sports Gossip

Politics & Sports have become today’s newest soap operas so instead of catching everything on the 11 o’clock news, get it now and save your evenings for something a little more entertaining.

Technology Trends

Don’t just watch the VIP’s, feel like one with all of today’s best technology and gadgets in your hand because you deserve to feel like a star.

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